Advertising & Publishing

Thank you for considering listing, sponsoring or advertising your activity with the ProMaritim website. ProMaritim places a great emphasis on the graphics and design aspects of this site. Our Graphic designer is available to create and customize your advertising materials, logo’s or other publication matters.



Reciprocal Link Support

A very simple way to promote your website is to exchange a link with others, who will bring visitors to your site. If you put a link to ProMaritim into your website, you will increase the number of visitors in ProMaritim, for the benefit of all members of the community. You can also download the ProMaritim logo for this purpose.

Advertising Options and Fees

There are several options available for advertising on the ProMaritim website. Please see the requirements, terms and conditions for information regarding inclusion of web graphics.
Design Fee

Free Design for Special Offer Package

Banner design : 40 €
( Includes 3 samples, image resizing, cropping, and retouching )

Dynamic advertising : 120 €
( Includes 5 samples, image resizing, cropping, and retouching, maximum 3 frames of 5 sec. each )


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