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TOPIC: anti-insect
doaanile7 (User)
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anti-insect 2 Weeks, 5 Days ago  
J9'FJ 'DC+J1JF EF E4'CD E9 'D-41'* H 'D('9H6 H 'DA&1'F H :J1G' EF 'D-41'* H 'D"A'* AI -J'*F' 'DJHEJ) EE' J3((( E9'F'G C(J1) HE4'CD D,EJ9 'A1'/ 'D'31) (3(( H,H/ G0) 'D-41'* ('DEF2D CE' *9/ 'D-41'* 'D2'-A) EF 'C+1 'D-41'* 'DEB22) H 'D*I B/ *$+1 9DJC H 9DI #31*C ('D3D( CE' #FG' *3(( 'D'0I DCF 'D-D E9 41C) (3E) 'D'E,'/0554713207
41C) EC'A-) -41'* ('DB5JE
41C) EC'A-) -41'* ('D/E'E
41C) 14 E(J/'* ('DB5JE

EC'A-) 'DFED 'D'(J6 ('DEF2D
-41) 'DFED 'D'(J6 EF 'D-41'* 'D6'1) 'D*J DG' E.'71 9DI 'D'+'+ -J+ 'FG' **:0I 9DI E'/) 'D3DJDH2 AJ '.4'( '+'+ 'DEF2D HE-*HJ'*) CE' 'F G0) 'DE'/) *H,/ AJ 'DEA1H4'* H'D'BE4) H'DED'(3 H:J1G' ACD G0' 3HA JD-B () 'D*DA H'DA3'/ -J+ #F 'DFED 'D'(J6 J*C'+1 (319) C(J1)
41C) 14 E(J/'* ('D/E'E
41C) EC'A-) -41'* (,/)

EC'A-) 'DBH'16 H'DA&1'F DDE-'A8) 9DI 'D(J&)
'DA&1'F EF #C+1 '3('( E9'F') 'D3J/'* AI 'DEF2D H B/ *3(( E4'CD C+J1) H .71 C(J1 AJ *DH+ CE' #FG' *9J4 AJ 'DE,'1I H4(C'* 'D51A 'D5-J
41C) EC'A-) 'D51'5J1 ('D1J'6
41C) EC'A-) 'DFED 'D'(J6 ('D1J'6

EC'A-) 'D51'5J1 ('D/E'E
'D51'5J1 EF 'D-41'* 'D*I *3(( '29', C(J1 /'.D 'DEF2D H0DC DE8G1G' 'DEB22 HE' *FBD EF (C*1J' HEC1H('* *DH+ 'DEC'F H*F41 'D'E1'6 H**H',/ 'D51'5J1 AJ EC'F JH,/ () E5/1 :0'! E+D 'DE7(. A**FBD 9DI 'D'79E) H*FBD E9G' 'D'E1'6 EE' J4CD .71 C(J1 9DI 5-*C H5-) 'D'31) H*8G1 'D51'5J1 ('DEF2D EF .D'D *FBDG' (4(C'* H'F'(J( 'D51A 'D5-I -J+ 'FG' *4CD E3CF ,J/ DG0) 'D51'5J1 'D(49)
41C) 14 E(J/'* ('D1J'6
41C) EC'A-) 'D(B ('D/E'E
EC'A-) 'D(B " (B 'DA1'4 "
*3(( -41) 'D(B 'D'2I 'DC(J1 DD'4.'5 H.'5) '+F'! 'DFHE D'F G0) 'D-41) *F*41 DJD'K H*.*(& FG'1'K ('DB1( EF 'E'CF FHE 'D'4.'5 AGI *-*D 'D31'&1 H'DEA1H4'* H'DE1'*( H'J6' 'DED'(3 H*BHE (D/:'*G' 'D3J&) AGI *BHE ('A1'2 E'/) E./1) DDEF7 'D*I *BHE (:12 '(1*G' 'D*I *E*5 (G' /E 'D'F3'! -J+ 'F :0'&G' 'D1&J3J GH 'D/E'! H*3(( 'DC+J1 EF 'D'E1'6 EFG' 'E1'6 ,D/J) AD/:'*G' *3(( '-E1'1 DD,/ HB1- /EHJ) HDCF E9 41C) (3E) 'D'E,'/ ('D/E'E JECFC 'D*.D5 EF G0) 'D-41) 'DE29,) H'D3J&) DD:'J)
41C) EC'A-) 'D(B ('D1J'6
41C) EC'A-) -41'*

41C) (3E) 'D'E,'/ *9/ 'CA! 41C) EC'A-) -41'* H*3*./E 'A6D 'DE(J/'* 'D-41J) 'DE5'-() DD(J&) H'D'EF) *E'E'K 9DI 5-*C H5-) '31*C
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