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How about wood flooring? (0 viewing) 
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TOPIC: How about wood flooring?
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How about wood flooring? 1 Week, 3 Days ago  
In the hot summer weather, the internal moisture of wood is easy to volatilize, making the floor volume shrink, resulting in the floor splicing gap widening,non slippery pvc flooring outdoors mouth out, cracking, etc., so in the hot summer, wood flooring should pay attention to maintenance. Ground ventilation: summer to frequent ventilation, especially those who do not live in the room, long-term vacant room is the most prone to arch, curling phenomenon, so be sure to regularly view, ventilation.
Keep dry: keep the wood floor dry, clean, do not allow the use of dripping mop mopping the floor, or with alkaline water, soapy water to avoid damage to the paint surface gloss. Rainy days off the window: summer rainy,natural marine wood decking malaysia shop wood floor room no one should close the windows, to avoid rain caused by unnecessary loss of wet floor.
Note Dust: sauna weather, hot and humid, the floor is easy to arch, then open the air conditioning should be wet function, so that the indoor humidity down,deck of wood composite build to avoid the occurrence of arch phenomenon. Air conditioning as far as possible not to face the floor blowing, feeling the indoor dry can be properly humidified. Go out should pull the curtains, avoid the sun straight floor.
Timely repair: summer rainy days, the climate is wet, the floor is easy to absorb moisture, and occasionally caused by arch phenomenon,cheap outdoor composite wood prodcuts found the floor from the arch in time to repair, do not wait for the floor arch high and then repair. At the same time as the arch part of the try not to stampede, to avoid damage to the slot can not be fully restored.
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