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17 Oct, 2007

Ship Repair and Refit

Ship Repair and Refit deckshot.jpg

Not only is Asia the right place for a complete 'check up' for those making a stopover, but, because of the huge cost advantages, it is also worth considering shifting bigger projects over here.

The choice of the yard will depend hugely on the type of work needed, the owner's financial attitude, location preferences etc. For example, the charges for a 1100 ton vessel for lifting, blasting and sealing professionally (this is based on a very recent quotation search which the client used) varied by as much as 72%! This is for exactly the same standard of work using exactly the same coatings.

p3corridor.jpgThen again, the carefully analysed cost-budget for refitting below was obviously going to be half the price in another yard. Therefore (and for other logistical, seasonal and personal security reasons as well) the project was split between two yards. er1.jpgTotal saving over one or other worked out at minimum of $460,000; enough to pay for half of refit.


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