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The big island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia is obviously one of the best places to build a wooden boat nowadays.

The various essences of wood and the knowledge of the Bugis carpenters who are been building vessels for centuries, make Tanah Beru which is the Bugis marine historical center, a place for wooden boat lovers.
Iron wood from Sulawesi is ideal for the building of the hull. Its huge hardness and its resistance to all kind of worms, make it the best wood for all the underwater and structural parts of the boat.
We also find some Teak wood from Raha in South Sulawesi, as well as many other species of wood which have their specifique used for different parts of the boat: mast,deck,cabins…….regarding to their different characteristics
Hulls are made in a traditional building technique: ribs on timbers. They are bolted and wood riveted together.
Gaff rig and other old style rigging are beautiful and fit perfectly with classic wooden construction because they share very well the sails strain on the hull of the boat.
Gaf rig, pinisi, lambo…..different rigging are possible regarding the size and the use of the vessel.
Wooden hull and old rigging are a good mix which give great sailing sensations & make us dream
The reasonable building cost of the boats from Sulawesi and their old style pirates vessel look, make them excellent tools for charters and around the best in the word market.

The originality and the possibility to build a unique model make Sulawesi boats perfect for private use….

We build vessels between 14 to 30 meters long, mainly for charters or private purposes. Drawing plans, making contracts with local suppliers, advising, following up, finishing…
We can help you partly or fully to build your own wooden boat.


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