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ProMaritim is there to help your project become a reality. We will assist you to build up, promote and establish your needs with advanced tools such as the blog, mailing system, notice board, forum and more than 400 links to various maritime activities throughout Asia. ProMaritim invites you to join our community and utilize our communication tools to develop your maritime project and connect with others with trade knowledge and experience.

Mailing System

For security purposes, ProMaritim does not provide direct access to email addresses, but instead enables you to contact other professional members through a unique tool. Apart from your personals details that are automatically loaded and the possibility to write your inquiry, you can use the automatic link to your website or your personal blog. Please be aware that the time of experts and other professionals is valuable. Therefore we strongly recommend members to use the forum for specific queries before making contact via email. 


All members of ProMaritim have the possibility to publish unlimited numbers of blogs. This is an effective tool to develop, present and discuss your projects in an attractive way and gain interest from a wider audience.

All your publish blog are link via a select button on top of each blog, that allow you to present multi-aspects of your project or company, like a website.

Blog access:Visitors can access your blog via an email link through our mailing system or via your company description details if you are a professional member.  

For Professional Members – the blog provides a platform to present all aspects of your maritime activities, from resume to catalogue. ProMaritim is offering the opportunity to upload unlimited numbers of personalized blogs. Each blog can be interconnected with a link button and showcases your products and activities like a website.


A wide variety of issues are subject to discussion and this enables you to seek advice from professionals and other members. Most of the forums can be read by all visitors, but only members can publish and enter discussion.

We hope that this tool that is open to all members will enable professional members to mentor non professionals with their wealth of expertise and experience.

ProMaritim has also developed a forum dedicated to professional member.



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