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From the Middle East, to Oceania via Eastern to Southeast Asia, tradition and modernity share common aspirations. While a modern ship stands for engineering innovation, the
ancient traditions of sailing ship inspires the notion of yachting which is well and truly still alive.

Yet, here in Asian waters all types of vessels from ancient traditions to new technologies can harmoniously exist side by side.

The art of sailing a Perahu with bamboo spars gives birth to the Multihull racing machines with carbon fibre.

Ships, Yachts, Workboats and Recreational Crafts represent a unique community that ProMaritim wishes to welcome to our anchorage.

Who are we?

ProMaritim is a maritime community website where you can develop your maritime project and connect with others with knowledge and experience. ProMaritim will help you to build up, promote and establish your needs with advanced tools such as the blog, mailing system, notice board, forum and more than 400 contact from various maritime activities throughout Asia

What can we do for You?

ProMaritim History

ProMaritime was designed and launched in January 2002 by Klaus Neven. The original concept was to provide complimentary services and consultancy to develop boatbuilding activity throughout Asia.

This website quickly gained popularity with thousands of unique visitors accessing the site on a monthly basis.In January 2007, Klaus Neven handed over reflsponsibility for the website to Paul de Saint Front, who recently decided to redesign and manage the site with a visionary new approach.

The new ProMaritim version invites visitors to apply for an exclusive membership to access a more comprehensive choice of links and useful tools.


ProMaritim is working with agents from all over Asia, and welcomes new expert to assist our member in their queries. Also, our office includes a naval architect, boat builders and engineers able to provide the best advice and solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

ProMaritim sources boat and ship building places and builders worldwide for you. Find the right boat yard or ship yard for building, repairing, refitting, restoring, converting or redesigning your small ship, yacht or heavy duty work boat!

Get the advice and the help you need, whether it be consultation with an experienced locally based European marine superintendent, a naval architect, project manager - supervisor and more. Cost your project by preparing an estimate and learn where to find other useful information.


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