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ProMaritim invites you to take full advantage of the tools that we offer to help and assist you in your inquiries. There are more than 400 links to maritime activities throughout Asia, a control panel that includes a wide range of tools, a interactive forum, mailing system and much more….
Services Benefits

Thailand, India, Indonesia, China, Turkey, and other countries in Asia and other continents offer cost effective boatbuilding, shipbuilding and repair facilities to international standards for any kind of boat, whether you want to built a dugout, a customized yacht or a tanker.

Boat Building

ProMaritim sources boat and ship building places and builders worldwide. Find the right boat yard or ship yard for building, repairing, refitting, restoring, converting or redesigning your small ship, yacht or heavy duty work boat!

Get the advice and the help you need, whether it be consultation with an experienced locally based European marine superintendent, a naval architect, project manager - supervisor and more. Cost your project by preparing an estimate and learn where to find other useful information.

Boat Building

Thinking about building up your own facilities for your serial production? ProMaritim can help you find the right location with cheap labour, best logistics, advantageous tax laws, 100% foreign owned and the right yard manager with plenty of experience!


Consulting & Expert Services

ProMaritim is working with agents from all over Asia, and welcomes new expert to assist our member in their queries. Also, our office includes naval architect, boat builders and engineers able to provide the best advice and solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Please look at the Agents & Partners link for more information.

Once your project has developed shape, we can offer you following assistance:

Boat Design Service

ProMaritim is also a commercial boat design company with a resident naval architect and a team of engineers, and draughtsmen. If you are sourcing a personalized project, we can perform a feasibility study and engage discussion with an appropriate designer.

Our office has the capacity to supervise naval architectural activity as well as boat building. If deemed necessary we will supervise the entire design process step by step, find the appropriate boat yard and discuss all relevant technical details.

Supervision on New Vessels

Building a vessel in Asia requires special attention in order to achieve a satisfactory result. The supervision process of such a project requires sound knowledge of what the client and designer want to achieve, as well as the capacity of the boat yard. It also implies to satisfy other factors like safety regulations and other administrative tasks. Our team can provide all the necessary assistance required to perform a project from the very beginning through until completion, from the design stage to delivery of the finished product.

Vessel Modification / Refit

ProMaritim can supervise a rehabilitation project, which involves the renovation and refitting on a used vessel. In such circumstances we will carry out an expert evaluation of the vessel as well as coordinate and discuss with our naval architect, builders and other professional parties involved.

Advertising and Graphic Design

ProMaritim places a great emphasis on the graphics and design aspects of the this site. Our Graphic designer is available to create and customize your advertising materials, logos or other publication matters. Please send your inquiry via contact us link, and we will reply as soon as possible with a competitive quotation and design concept.



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