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ProMaritim.com is Asia’s premier boat building community website, which is already competitively ranked on the Google search engine. We are already the first on top of google search engine when you type: ‘boat building asia’, ‘boat builder asia’, ‘ship yard asia’, and is within the first six listings for ‘naval architect asia’, ‘boat design asia’ and ‘yacht design asia’.
Security Matter

ProMaritim is power by “Joomla” open source content Management. Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla is a reliable system that include all the latest security system, like spam protection.


Free membership is offered to traditional activities, non-profit organizations, clubs and associations.

ProMaritim invite professional members to apply for a guest membership if they can offer useful services or discounts to our members.

We will also consider free reciprocal links for other sites that we feel may be of general interest to our viewers.

Reciprocal Link Support

A very simple way to promote your website is to exchange a link with others, who will bring visitors to your site. If you put a link to ProMaritim into your website, you will increase the number of visitors in ProMaritim, for the benefit of all members of the community. You can also download the ProMaritim logo for this purpose.


ProMaritim.com already receives over thousands unique visitors on a monthly basis. We expect to receive a non-negligible increase of visitors with the new version of ProMaritim.com, as we are now a web portal featuring integrated new tools that will boost our ranking and position through search engines tools like Google or Yahoo.

More than eighty percent of our website visitors come from Europe, USA, and other wealthy countries seeking maritime activities within Asia.

However, if the number of visitors is of paramount importance for advertising, ProMaritim.com will undertake to develop high quality tools and services that will anticipate the needs of professionals and their customer bases.

ProMaritim.com is managed by a dynamic team that includes a graphic designer, programmer and also input from a naval architect, boat builder, engineer and agents throughout China, Thailand and Indonesia. New agents are welcome to share their knowledge and experience to help us better serve the needs of our clients.

Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits
for Professionals

ProMaritim is there to help your project become a reality. We will assist you to build up, promote and establish your needs with advanced tools such as the blog, mailing system, notice board, forum and more than 400 links to various maritime activities throughout Asia.

  • Very interesting discountd for ProMaritim members only.
  • Exchange and discuss issues such as technology with experts.
  • Discuss issues with others who share common interest, needs and goals
  • Source the products that you are looking for
  • Develop your project with the benefit of tools and advice to assist your quest.
  • Be part of a worldwide community and assist developing countries

Now Asian maritime trade Members can discuss and exchange data such as the latest technology, exhibit projects and ideas to a wider public audience, seek employment placement and communicate with other clients with adapted tools. There are even more worthwhile incentives to come.

  • Exchange and discuss issues such as technology with experts.
  • Exhibit your business, project or idea to gain worldwide interest
  • Optimize the number of visitors to your website to gain greater business potential and generate profit.
  • Seek employment opportunities
  • Utilize communication tools developed specifically for ProMaritim members
  • With more beneficial incentives to come.....

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